FIRST JOIN ME FOR....My Celebration Service!!

Friday, November 16, 2018 @ 6:00PM

Fairfield Inn & Suites/6408 Capital Blvd/Raleigh, NC

"AND THEN THE AFTER PARTY at a Secluded Location"

If you are reading this message, you are in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME to receive a special treat and blessing from the birthday girl today! In honor of T.D. Donley's birthday she has decided that it indeed it is "more blessing to give than to receive." In the month of October she had a vision and kept dreaming of a slumber party and could not understand why she kept seeing herself at a slumber party with a group of ladies. Surely she said, this time in her life has come and gone, but then the Lord asked her, "Have you ever had a slumber party"? Her response to God was, "I have had one for my daughter"? The Lord replied, "But I asked have you ever had one", and as she begin to think about it, she shook her head and said "No"? God said, "Have you ever been to one during your lifetime", and her response again was "No"? That's when God spoke to her and said, "everything that you saw in that vision", not just you, but alot of ladies have never seen or experienced anything like that"! He further begin to say to her, "Many of these ladies you saw did not get a chance to enjoy their childhood". "Many of them, their youth and childhood was stolen from them, and they didn't get a chance to enjoy the days of their youth and experience the things that they should have". Therefore, "I want you to host and throw a "SLUMBER PARTY JAMBOREE" and invite ladies in from all over for a night they will forever remember"! Without any hesitation, and having seen the vision and understanding now this dream to the fullest, she began acting, planning, and is preparing to rent out an all exclusive spot just for YOU!! That's right, today is not just about T.D. Donley, but God had YOU on her mind, and she is looking forward to celebrating with all of YOU!! This party is by PRIVATE INVITE ONLY, so if you see the Vision, and TRULY are interested in coming to Raleigh, NC on Friday, November, 16th 2018 to attend this event, I admonish you to fill out the information below to receive your PERSONAL FREE ticket to this all exclusive slumber party event of the year! Only a select few will join me for this monumental moment, and I hope one of those ladies will be YOU! I pray you are excited as I am because Tiffany M.D. Donley Ministries will be laying out the red carpet for all of YOU!! So get plenty of rest have your JAMMIES packed, bring your sleeping bags because immediately after my birthday celebration service at 6:00PM, where my Father in the Faith, Apostle Eric Best will be speaking, we are going to make it a night to REMEMBER!! God Bless & We Look Forward to Seeing You There!!


Fairfield Inn & Suites

6408 Captial Boulevard

Raleigh, NC 27616

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(919) 878-1120 [Ask for Donley Birthday]

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1 King Bed $124.00 plus taxes

2 Queen Beds $124.00 plus taxes

Must Reserve Room by 10/26/2018 to receive discounted rate.

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