Become Your Very Own


Be Your Own Boss, Work From Home, Everyday

  • Work from anywhere in the United States

  • Set your Own Hours; Meaning You Are in Control of Your Life

  • No Commuting Back and Forth, Delays and Traffic, or Gas Expense

  • No Uniform or Buying Clothes for Work; You Can Work In Your Pajamas if You Life

  • You Choose The Client that Your Service from Home; Numerous Clients Available

  • At Home Training Provided Monday thru Friday only 4 hours a day

  • Pay varies depending on the client and can range from $9.00 to $16.00 an hour

  • Direct Deposit into your account every 15th & 30th of the Month

  • Work Part-time or Full-Time; you are in control of your time

  • Freedom to earn money while still enjoying your life

  • Minimum hours required a week 15 hours, but you can work as many as you desire

  • No interruptions in family life, as you can schedule around your needs

  • Freedom to plan vacations as many times in a year that you want to go

  • Not stuck working every weekend, or 7 days a week


  • Jesus was well rounded and always sought to me the NEEDS of the people

  • We must be able to minister to the WHOLE MAN

  • No better way than to be able to assist people with a way to provide for their families

  • What a great witnessing tool because sometimes before you can plant the seed, you have to meet their need.

  • I would love to discuss with you all of the ways you can meet the needs of the people, while meeting the needs of your local assembly at the same time.

Are you ready to get your life back, take control of your life, and have the liberty to provide for your families while not neglecting them? Then this is a chance of a lifetime for you! If you are ready to take your ministry to the next level by offering employment opportunities to your local community as well as well as your congregation, allow me to come in and show you how, or please give us a call or schedule an appointment now for more details.


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