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Get Ready  For 20 Days   of

Double   Growth 20/20 

Double  Fruits  20/20

 Double Multiplication 20/20

Live with Visionaire

Kingdom Ambassador T.D. Donley

together we will 

be fruitful & multiply

Genesis 8:22

While the earth remaineth, SEEDTIME & HARVEST, and COLD and HEAT, and SUMMER and WINTER, and DAY and NIGHT shall NOT CEASE!


Are you tired of just attending church and sitting on the pew doing absolutely nothing? Or serving & doing everything EXCEPT the RIGHT THING that brings you SATISFACTION, FULFILLMENT, & causes you to reach your MAXIMUM GROWTH POTENTIAL?

Have you ever said there has got to be more to church, God, or just life in general than this!

There's something missing! I was created for more. There's so much more to me than meets the eye. I have more to give and offer.

I feel STUCK or TRAPPED! I should be so much further along, but it's a struggle to find my place where I fit, where I am free to blossom, grow, and become ALL that God has designed and purposed me to become.

Are you frustrated because you know you have seeds on the inside of you but no one is willing to show you how to SOW THEM, CULTIVATE THEM, & become,find, or identify GOOD SOIL so you can begin to BEAR FRUITS?

Well you are NOT ALONE!! Myself and so many others I discovered have been at this place of what I called a NO WIN situation until I UNLOCKED THE KEYS and was able to discover and tap into my INWARD SEEDS that were lying DORMANT on the inside of ME!

And I want to show you how to not waste anymore time and potential in the seeds you POSSESS! Yes, the time is NOW for you to RISE UP and begin to "Be FRUITFUL & MULTIPLY" in the midst of what some would say is OUT OF TIME & SEASON! Yet that's the time where if we begin to SOW OUR SEEDS NOW we will REAP A 100FOLD this same YEAR!!


Week#1 Breaking Up The Fallow Ground

Week#2 Identifying Your Seeds

Week#3 How to Sow in RIGHT GROUNDS

Week#4 Yielding Fruits That Remain

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challenge testimonials


Rachelle Quarterman

This challenge was an eye opener for me! I gained a lot of understanding of fruits, seeds, and bearing them. I took so many notes (thanks for providing the journal). This challenge showed me consistency and determination. I was lazy and hesitant to go live, but this challenge made me step out of my comfort zone! I've grown since day 1 and I enjoyed every day of it! Thanks Prophetess for doing this challenge and I look forward to more!

Shay Brown

This 20 day be fruitful and multiply challenge has blessed me. I received knowledge and understanding of what it means to bear good fruit and how to multiply my seeds. I also gain confidence in myself , learning how to sow into myself and value myself. By the end of this challenge day #21 GOD had given me 8 grounds to get ready to sow into. Guaranteed results. Guaranteed growth, knowledge, understanding & Intimate encounter with GOD.

Denise Gardner

The 20 Day Challenge provides an Opportunity to identify who you are in God & resolve issues by searching from the root. It allowed me to overcome hurt , face my fears, & assist me with understanding. In addition, it allowed fellow-shipping beyond the four walls of the church and yet I was set free in multiple areas of my life.  However, most of all, I was shown Love, given Hope, and obtained confidence!


This challenge has brought me both joy and comfort!! The people were kind, and open!! It was a safe place where I felt comfortable, and could relate to others on things that I thought I was fighting alone. It pushed me, and broke things in me I thought were gone. It challenged me for the better and provided me tools and things I didn't even know I needed!! It helped me too not only reconnect with God, but reconnect with myself and gain my confidence again. This challenge has truly blessed me, and I know it will bless you!!


I would recommend this because this helped me to understand about the seeds, my gifts, and how they had been misused and mishandled improperly by people. Most importantly, that the gift does not belong to me, and how there is consequences when we don't use our gifts.

Above all, In the the Facebook Group there is so much togetherness and freedom.



If you want to be free, delivered, defeat some giants, and tear down some strongholds, I recommend this Challenge to you. I thought I was good but let me tell you I did not realize how much I had suppressed and buried inside. After receiving this teaching night after night, I had a spiritual death experience where I had to die to self and allow God to cause a breaking on the inside so He could break up the fallow ground and uproot somethings. After I was able to get to the root of some things that was hindering me, I was able to rise up and walk in my newness and wholeness. Take the Challenge walk in your freedom. God Bless.


I would recommend someone to this challenge because It is a great place to be refreshed, restored, renewed, & revived back to life! You can get the wisdom, the revelation, and the knowledge of God. Above all, it's a place where the eyes of your understanding will be  enlightened.





Beautiful Landscape
Tropical Leaves


I liked how I was able to understand it so clearly. It felt as though it was pulled right out of my life. It was able to get too my root of my problems. It's one thing just hearing a word every Sunday that the preachers come up with, But when you take the word and use it too reach people and individually work with your people and break us from the inside out was so powerful!! Thank you so much!!

Tropical Leaves


The teaching was awesome. I love the way that God has gifted you to articulate, demonstrate, and expound on the scriptures we have heard over and over before but not in such away that enlightened us. It opened up mine eyes of understanding and cut where it needed. I have never been challenged like that before.


The teaching was spirit lead teaching. I loved the way the word was broken all the way down for me to understand., and how each day was a challenge to push me further.

Tropical Leaves


God's Entrusted Ambassador Tiffany Donley ,an educator of His written word, to equip His Disciples with the tools ,mindset ,and foundations to be effective in The Kingdom of God has demonstrated the pristine and simplicity of God’s word. The biblical and personal experiences were parallel so that Understanding could be Received . The teachings were taught with confidence in God ,having no respecter person, taught with such Order ,Discipline, Encouragement,Chastisement,Love,Joy, & Hope. I Received # UNDERSTANDING & INSPIRATION

Tropical Leaves


The teaching was such a blessing. You broke everything down in a way that even a child could understand. I love your teaching style and how you stories connect hand and hand with the word!


The teaching was an big eye opener for me. The way it was broken down I really saw myself and understood. And I'm still studying it. 

About Your Challenge Host

 Kingdom Ambassador Tiffany Donley has been teaching, equipping, training, mentoring and impacting lives for over 20 years through conferences, boot camps, and now her latest, CHALLENGES, such as the one you are about to experience. As you can see, she is very passionate about Kingdom and desires to see everyone move and shift from just being mere CITIZENS of the Kingdom to PRODUCTIVE CITIZENS in the Kingdom where they reach their maximum GROWTH & POTENTIAL and yield FRUITS that REMAIN from generations to generations to come!

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The teaching was Awesome!  You walked us through the word so we can see it step by step.  It was a blessing to be apart of this challenge it blessed me tremendously.

~Beverly Davis~

 I like the way every story you told I heard it before but not broken down in the way you broke it down. Which also challenged me to think different when looking at those stories and everyday life . This challenge definitely challenged me in a lot of areas and I’m honored to have been apart! .

~Rosalyn Cox~

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