Tiffany M.D. Donley was born in Rocky Mount, North Carolina to Betty Ann Dupree and the late Vernard Terrery. She was brought up in the church, and taught the word of God under the leadership of Pastor Mary Parker Barnes of Rocky Mount Deliverance Evangelistic Center until the tender age of 18. Little did she know and understand then, that this impartation she was receiving by this great and mighty Woman of God over this time span was setting and laying the foundation of what was about to be released and birthed out not many days hence forth. In 1995 she left this ministry and her kindred behind and transitioned and moved to Jacksonville, Florida to live with her father, where her man of God of 21 years, C.D. Donley, found her quickly and they married in 1996. She then joined her husband's place of worship, totally sold out to God and quickly began moving at an accelerating rate in the things of God; and in 1997 preached her first sermon and has been preaching the gospel non stop ever since.

She remained at this ministry serving faithfully, diligently, and whole hearted for 10 years in every capacity and position imaginable, until the Lord released and called her and her husband out into ministry in 2006. She left this ministry with a "true spiritual awakening" and two profound everlasting principles that she implements in her own life and teaches everywhere she goes: pray and establish a relationship with God for yourself so you won't become "co-dependent" on someone else; study the word of God assiduously, so you will not be deceive by no one or nothing. Yet, she did not leave Egypt empty handed, but came out strong and with great substance! Her stay here gave her a platform to tap into, cultivate, and perfect the many gifts on the inside of her, especially the gifts of administration, armorbearer, teaching, and preaching. It caused her to grow into a great intercessor, mighty warrior, gain great insight into strategic warfare tactics, and develop an even stronger ministry in the arts of music as she directed, taught the choirs, and was the head leader of praise and worship. Yet it was not until her EXODUS, that her eyes were opened, and God revealed that ALL of these things that she did and experienced while at this ministry was nothing more than a SETUP to catapult and propel her to her ULTIMATE call, purpose, and destiny in the Kingdom!

Now having had made her calling and election sure, and being fully persuaded of who she is in the Kingdom, she walks boldly in the gifts of the 5-fold Ministry. She is likened unto the Apostle, as she is a sent one who walks in her God given authority, showing forth and displaying that the "Greater Works" is her portion. She flows up under a heavy Prophetic mantle and this office was conferred and affirmed upon her in 2012 by her spiritual father, Apostle Eric Best [OCM]. She is the Evangelist called and sent ye into all the world to preach the message of salvation and prepare a people ready for the coming of the Lord. She has the heart of a Pastor, and mentor's and serves as pastoral component to many near and far. She is a fluent Teacher of the word of God, instructing people in Kingdom principles whereby they may grow up and reach their full maturity in the things of God. Above all, she is an advocate of the word of God, a defender of the faith, and believes that one must always continue to study to show themselves approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, but rightly dividing the word of truth! Although, she possesses an AA in Biblical Studies, BA in Christian Education, and a MA in Christian Counseling, she proclaims boldly as the Apostle Paul declared, that she counts all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus her Lord. In addition to the things of the Spirit, she is a devoted wife, mother of three beautiful daughters through marriage, and makes it known that FAMILY is her first ministry. Her children play active roles and travel with her extensively in ministry because it is important to her that her children EXPERIENCE a personal relationship and KNOW the power of GOD. Due to that passion and desire, she has been a stay at home mother for over 12 years as she refuses to compromise the ORDER of God for mammon or a career. Her greatest achievement, joy, and success comes from seeing what she has built in her home, and because of her faithfulness to "family first" God has blessed the works of her hands and graced her with multiple streams of income through her very own company called Lydia Marketplace LLC.


T.D. Donley is a Warfare Commander and teaches and trains women yearly in the art of war through her Boot Camp Training program called Women Of War as well as a Discipler to many near and far. She is a psalmist and worshipper and just recently was given the honor and opportunity to open up and set the atmosphere for household names such as Darwin Hobbs, Tye Tribett, and Marvin Sapp at KKM annual three day convention. She has a scribes anointing, having written scripts for plays, composed and written numerous songs yet to be heard, and the penmanship and writing of her first book is surely soon to come. She is a powerful speaker, who walks and flows in the gifts of the Spirit. If you have never heard her before, she is a voice that cannot be silenced, neither easily forgotten by men and especially the enemy. She is a Kingdom Ambassador, a Sent One, called forth to manifest God in the earth realm by prophesying against the altars of baal, causing and bringing forth deliverance in the lives of God's people, destroying the works of the devil, and bringing restoration and reconciliation back to the body of Christ. She is not a novice or replica by far, but an inimitable and humble servant of the Most High who realizes that she is a vessel that God has chosen unto Himself for such a time as this!