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Lydia Marketplace LLC evolved through a prophetic word spoken directly to T.D Donley during a prophetic session by a total stranger, in a room full of other people who too were having words spoken, prophesied and released in their lives simultaneously at the same time. She attended this conference in Chicago, IL called IGNITE which was hosted by her spiritual father's covering, Apostle John Eckhardt Ministries in 2013. Needless to say, what this mere man spoke into her life and revealed, not only shifted her life, but literally TRANSFORMED it and altered her mindset. Although, the entire prophecy would be to exhaustive to go into detail, the one thing the man told her was that she would no longer be called "Tiffany". Her name would now be called "Lydia" in direct relationship to the business woman who was a seller of purple in the marketplace because she too would be that business woman and would employ many and empower others to become and do the same. So on June 27, 2013 her name was officially changed, and she went back home from that conference and begin to declare to herself that I AM L.Y.D.I.A which meas to Live Your Destiny Intentionally, Affluently, not wandering aimlessly without vision and direction, but living your destiny affluently in the abundant life of overflow and prosperity the way that you and I were created to live it, if we so choose and desire. On April 30, 2014, in less than a year of hearing that word, she acted and moved by faith on that which God had spoken, and Lydia Marketplace LLC was established and founded upon the principal that if we serve and strive to meet the needs of the people that our needs will never go unmet.

There were key components and strategic areas of business that God began to show her that every kingdom ministry not only needs to be successful in building their own house for the kingdom of God, but in order to also be able to serve the body of Christ effectively, so they want have to rely and resort to the world to fulfill and meet their daily needs. Instead, making us a kingdom that is self-sufficient and reliant upon God and not relying upon the resources and governments of this world which is uncertain and unsure. The first area of business she begin to focus on was Employment. Since the inception of Lydia Marketplace LLC, this company has provided an alternative means for mothers who want or need to work without forsaking their duties as a wife or sacrificing their family time with their kids in the process; convicts or those who have made a mistake and due to that mistake society denies them the right to be able to provide for themselves and their love ones; or just those in general who are looking an additional income to help supplement their current one through her work at home call center agent position. T.D. Donley has a afforded many people all over the U.S.A. the opportunity to truly take dominion and be in control of their lives whether they are looking to make it a full or part-time position, or if they want to move on and open up their own call center and begin employing others themselves. Which ever path they decide to take, they are dictate their own time, and how much money they want to make. For more details, please click here.

Last but not least, the last business is that of Travel Services which is not only currently a billion dollar industry, but also a must have for ministry. We are constantly flying out or flying people in. We are constantly staying in hotels, or reserving a room for someone coming in to our ministry. Not to mention those personal breaks we take to re-cooperate from ministry or the once or twice a year family vacations that we have to take to maintain that balance. Either way we are involved in the travel industry one way or another. It's up to us to decide if we are going to keep the money in house while we are traveling or give it to someone else to make the same travel plans that we could do, while creating wealth for ourselves in the process. For more details, click here.

God has given us all things that pertains to life, and one of those things is the "power to get wealth". We can either go get it, or keep waiting for the wealth of the wicked to be transferred over into the hands of the just. If you are interested in any of the services that Lydia Marketplace LLC provides we would love to serve you as a client or empowering you in the setting up of your own personal business for yourself in one or all of these three areas please contact us today!

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