TEACH & TRAIN--Jesus daily sat with his disciples and taught them the word, how to pray properly, and He also taught through the asking and answering questions of the disciples. His main focus was always teaching them and it was not always the same way. He used a variety of ways in instructing them through parables and even life experiences.

HE WAS AN EXAMPLE OF TEACHING--Jesus did not just teach in WORD only, but He was a DOER of what He taught. He taught them how to be TRUE to the teachings they were receiving. He was not a do as I say , not as I do teacher. Instead, He not only became the living WORD but He was a living EXAMPLE and epistle of His own teachings. So he not only taught in WORD but He taught in ACTION. He was not a dictator, that Commanded others to OBEY, FOLLOW or DO what He first was not willing to be first PARTAKERS of. 

CHALLENGED DISCIPLES TO IMITATE HIM--Jesus always challenged His disciples to see if they were grasping what they were seeing, hearing, and being taught during their training. So He often gave them assignments to see if they could DO what He had SHOWN, DEMONSTRATED, or ALREADY DONE. The only way to know if they were learning, were ready, and truly were His DISCIPLES was to see if they could imitate their TEACHER. So He would always TEST THEM to see what they KNEW and if they really were His disciples!

EMPOWERED THE DISCIPLES--Although, Jesus teachings empowered and took them to higher heights and deeper depths, He also challenged them to seek after different levels of empowerment. He desired them to be fully empowered to do the WORKS that He would eventually send them out to do after training. He not only imparted into them the word, but He empowered them in faith, and empowered them to get the full measure of the Spirit so they could do EVERYTHING HE DID, so that Nothing would be Impossible to them, and they could truly perform the GREATER WORKS!

RELEASE & SENT THEM FORTH--Jesus did not desire to  keep His disciples locked in and tied into Him. He did not desire to keep them under His ministry forever. He had a set time line for training and preparing them for the work they were called to do. Discipleship should never be a permanent relationship. It should always be IN and OUT! Once you have gotten and learned everything, it's time to send you out, so you can then begin to make disciples. This is the process of DISCIPLESHIP. Train, Release, & Duplicate! Discipleship was meant to be only SEASONAL, anything else is just MEMBERSHIP. 

HE LEFT THEM TO DO THE WORK--Jesus had no intentions of being with His disciples forever. He was always letting them know along the way that He would not be with them always. As a matter of fact, He understood that to stay with the disciples longer than the appointed time was detrimental to their growth and development. He understood that if He kept them too long with Him that it would hinder and stunt their growth. So although they did not understand and did not want Him to go, He knew that leaving them was the only way to push them out of the nest, so they would begin to spread their wings and SOAR! He was not afraid to turn over the reigns to them, relinquish authority into their hands, and remove His self as the TEACHER, so they could now become the TEACHER!

This discipleship program is open to ALL looking to GROW UP and DEVELOP together in the things of God! If you think that you are sent, assigned, or feel leading to become apart of the discipleship program of Tiffany M.D. Ministries, please fill out the form below as a new discipleship training class will kick off in February 2020 and will consist of the following:


  • One of One Sessions via Skype, Conference line

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  • Weekly Classes and Teachings

  • Counseling Sessions

  • Extensive On Hand Training

  • VIP Seating at Conferences & Events

  • And More

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Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ~~1Cor 11:1

Tiffany M.D. Donley