We hope you are excited about this upcoming Fall 2019-2020 Women of War Boot Camp Training School term, especially since this year we will be launching a LIVE CAMPUS training base station here in Raleigh, NC. That's right! There is nothing like being LIVE, up close and personal with warfare commander, Prophet T.D. Donley as she trains, mentors, equips, imparts, and releases strategies to you one on one that destroy the works of the enemy. Although online bootcamp will be available this year for those who live outside the Raleigh, NC area, LIVE is a total different dynamic than our online training! So for those of you, who can make the journey to Raleigh, NC, limited seating is available so first come, first serve, and believe me,  you will not be disappointed! So go ahead and begin making preparations and spreading the word to those near and far that they now can visit this page and display their interest in WOW Bootcamp by signing up today for our live Women of War orientation that will be held Saturday, September 28, 2019 at 3:00 p.m at our live campus located 3803B Computer Drive Suite#106, Raleigh, NC and for those planning to attend via online, it will be at the same time. At this presentation you will hear all of the details about the boot camp training program, ask questions and receive answers, plus get a full teaching session by God's General T.D. Donley so you can receive a sneak preview and discover if you are truly ready and  have what it takes to become a mighty Woman of War. See you there and classes begin in October!!

Warfare Commander,

Prophet T.D. Donley

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